Helping you choose the right loan.


Today in Australia there are hundreds of different home loan products on the market from a large panel of financial institutions. All offering many different features, fees and rates and competitions is fierce and new home products are available nearly every day.

Using a mortgage broker is now an essential part of scouring the market for the right home loan. Below are some of the different types of loans that are on offer and a Hall Mortgage Consultant can help you to choose the right home loan product that best suits you.


Honeymoon Loan

Standard Variable Loan

Basic Variable Loan

Fixed Rate Loan

100% Offset Account

Split Loans

Loan with a redraw

Line of credit

Family Equity

Homeseeker or Pre Approval

No Deposit Home Loans

Interest Only

Construction Loans

Bridging Loan

Investment Loan

Reverse Mortgage

Lo Doc Loan

No Doc Loan

Non-Conforming Loan


Commercial Hire Purchase

Finance Lease

Rental Agreement

Chattel Mortgage



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